Effective Presentations

There are many skills involved in a great presentation. We have divided them into:

  • Which words and graphics will add to what I am saying, and how do I show them = Visual Design
  • What can I do to be prepared for public speaking, engage the audience and remember what to say = Speaking Confidently


Visual Design with Chris Heath

Effective visual materials support your talk. The most effective electronic presentations are the ones where the technology you use goes unnoticed. Less is more for a slide with impact. This workshop will help you decide what is useful to include, and what is distraction in PowerPoint or Keynote slides.

For more information email, phone 06 650 4532 or download a flyer here.

Feedback from Attendees:

“Chris showed very clearly how to reduce clutter to be effective. The visual is there to enhance my message, not remind me what to say!”

“My understanding of preparing and giving presentations has really changed – I now think of the visual track, the sound track and the take away notes as separate channels of communication that have to be integrated to be truly effective”

Speaking with Confidence with Graeme Valentine

Public speaking is high on the list of stressful activities. Being armed with a set of strategies enables you to prepared and relaxed, and your message to be remembered.

For more information email, 06 650 4532. We can arrange a date for your group of 8 or more people.

Feedback from Attendees:

“I don’t rate as a confident public speaker. Graeme’s session was so much fun I forgot my nerves and learned a lot regardless!”