Winter Lectures 2010

The Centre for Land and Water ran a series of informative lunchtime Winter Lectures in July and August. Running for six successive Fridays, each Lecture had a specialist (or specialists) focusing on their topic.

List of Lectures

Summary notes from the lectures can be downloaded below:

1. NIWA Virtual Climate Station Network: Friday 16 July

Speaker: Andrew Tait, NIWA  Download presentation notes here>

Andrew is a Senior Climate Scientist at NIWA. He developed the “Virtual Climate Station Network”, which provides daily climate estimates at 5km intervals across N.Z. Andrew will explain how the virtual climate data, used to assess potential pasture, crop, and animal production, is estimated, and how the network can be accessed to obtain site estimates of factors such as temperature, rainfall and evapo-transpiration.

2. Nitrogen Testing and Sample Preservation: Friday 23 July

Speaker: Peter Lorentz, Analytical Research Laboratories  Download presentation notes here>

Peter is the Technical Director at ARL. He has deep knowledge and experience of soil testing and laboratory analysis. In this presentation, Peter will explain the different soil nitrogen tests, outline correct soil nitrogen sampling methods, and describe the steps needed to make sure the samples you take in the field get to the lab in good condition for analysis.

3. SOIL pH – Crop Response & Mapping Options: Friday 30 July

Speaker: Stephen Trolove, Plant and Food Research  Download presentation notes here>

Stephen is a Plant Scientist at Plant and Food. Soil pH can have significant effect on the availability and uptake of critical plant nutrients. Stephen will present information on crop responses to pH, including critical pH ranges for key Hawke’s Bay crops, and will describe a process for farmers to determine whether the expense of a detailed soil pH survey may be warranted.

4. Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management: Friday 6 August

Speaker: John Brew, Astrata  Download presentation notes here>

John is Managing Director of Astrata, a company that designs systems combining GPS, wireless communications and geographical information technology to monitor, trace and control the movement and status of machinery, vehicles, personnel or other assets. John will talk about applications for agriculture, including asset management, fleet and personnel tracking and health and safety.

5. Fuel Use Mapping and Bio-Fuel update: Friday 13 August

Speakers: Dan Bloomer, LandWISE and Tomo Reed, EECA  Download presentation notes here>

Dan is Manager of LandWISE. He will explain how to capture engine data and create maps of fuel consumption by tractors. He will present ‘proof of concept’ results from Hawke’s Bay farms.
Tomo is Account Manager at EECA, responsible for the bio-fuel initiative. He will provide up dated information and outline a process to make bio-fuel  available in Hawke’s Bay.

6. Surfactants: types, actions, combinations: Friday 20 August

Speakers: Gordon Harris, Zelam, and David Manktelow, Applied Research and Technologies  Download presentation notes here>

Gordon and David have extensive experience in the application of agrichemicals. Surfactants work in different ways, and understanding is required, especially when mixing cocktails for multiple product applications. Gordon and David will outline the types of surfactants available, how they work, and will give guidance for growers contemplating multiple product mixes as part of their spray programme.