The Centre is on a 4 ha site, and over 3.5ha remains as fields or paddocks.

You can view the Centre and its field on this Google Earth image

GoogleEarth_Image Blocks

In April 2013, ThinkWater Hawke’s Bay and Netafim established a buried drip irrigation system at CLAW in Block 2. The area was sprayed out by Hayden Greville, and ground prepared by Nicolle Contracting. The drip line was installed 762mm apart and 200+mm deep by ThinkWater and Nicolle Contracting using Trimble RTK-GPS auto-steer. We know exactly where it is! More>


In May 2013, McCain Foods took on cropping Blocks 1 and 2 with broad beans. Block 1 was sprayed out by Hayden Greville, and ground prepared by Nicolle Contracting as for Block 2. The crop was established by Stu Mawley – broadcasting the seed and harrowing it in. By the end of May, the crop was emerging and coverage looking reasonable. Weather remained warm, and moisture enough but not excessive. More>


Calibrating the Spreader for Bean Sowing

A sandpit

An interest group met at the Green Shed and began formulating plans to develop the whole field as a group “sandpit”. The idea is for stakeholders to discuss and implement ways of cropping that may be outside the ordinary. Our intention is for the site to be cropped using conventional “farmer and contractor” equipment.

While full size commercial equipment is bigger than needed for this small site, the point is to use “real gear” so we can be sure the effects are easily translated to any other farming situation. We also think using controlled traffic principles is a base-line for management. We don’t think we’ll always be able to do that, especially as we intend process peas to be a feature of the rotations. More>

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