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It’s far into the night and I’m still working. Why? Because I attended Matthew Miller’s presentation at the Centre for Land and Water “Green Shed” yesterday. See the programme here> Winter Lectures 2011

Matthew is Managing Director of Mogul in Havelock North, a local company specialising in digital marketing and web design. He outlined the key points in a digital marketing strategy, talked about and demonstrated the wide range of possible tools at our disposal. And he made me sit down and get a lot of things more up to date!

I’ve been a LinkedIn person for a while, but not really “got into” facebook or twitter. Now I’m thinking hard about how those communication channels could help us let people know what we have to offer. I’m not sure yet, but will give it serious thought.

My big question is, “Do the people I serve use these digital opportunities?” Because if they don’t, I’m not sure how much effort to put into them.

I’m very concious that the computer┬ámost commonly used by our sector is their mobile phone. Farmers live on the things, but can go for a fair time without sitting at their office computer. How much conversation might we initiate if we used a tool like twitter effectively?

In the meantime, I’ve updated the website, we’re sending select folk email notices (which we know get passed on), I’ve checked my LinkedIN profile, and now I’ve done this blog post.

I’d be delighted to get some comment on this stuff. How do you prefer to get information?

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