A sandpit

An interest group met at the Green Shed and began formulating plans to develop the whole field as a group “sandpit”. The idea is for stakeholders to discuss and implement ways of cropping that may be outside the ordinary. Our intention is for the site to be cropped using conventional “farmer and contractor” equipment.

While full size commercial equipment is bigger than needed for this small site, the point is to use “real gear” so we can be sure the effects are easily translated to any other farming situation. We are calling it our “MicroFarm”.  We think using controlled traffic principles is a base-line for management. We don’t think we’ll always be able to do that, especially as we intend process peas to be a feature of the rotations. More>

We asked the interest group to give us ten words that summarised their vision for the MicroFarm, maybe as a vision statement. We put all the responses  into wordle.net and this is what we got.


This seems a fair representation of our discussions to date. It is something we’ll repeat at intervals: wordles is a very interesting way to review messy information!

NOTE: The MicroFarm is now a LandWISE activity. See more at www.microfarm.landwise.org.nz